Monday, 6 December 2010

Wham Last Christmas video versus Hussy's Snowboard

It's hard to watch this video and not think about George's recent prison term for smoking a lot of hash. Actually if you think about it prison's probably the ideal place for George. There's loads of puff and loads of poofs.

His hair looks like Lady Diana around this time and I suppose from a distance you could say Andrew looks a bit like Prince Charles, if he had a super mullet and smiled a lot.

Anyway the striking thing for me is the guy who goes out in the snow wearing a beige raincoat and comes back with some logs. Instead of putting them in the fire he hands them to George. it's like he's saying "what the fuck are these logs for?". George takes them off him as if to say "I dont have a clue but since the cameras are on I'll take them back from you. By the way I like your raincoat".

Anyway I've been to Saas Fe where the video was filmed. The cable car they go up on is at the top of the mountain but oddly enough they end up in a tree lined valley at the bottom of the mountain. In the 80's you could do anything whether it contradicted science or common sense or both. 

Love the song though and yes we stole the melody for Snowboard.

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