Thursday, 20 January 2011

Car Boot Sale

Been recording Car Boot Sale this week. The song has to be sparse. I feel like a psychotherapist, sitting in my chair and the song Car Boot Sale is on the couch, being analysed. There's long periods of silence and then I say "Okay that's the session finished I'll see you next time". Over the space of a week I've managed to overdub a bass synth through a Q Tron, 2 guitars, an overdriven organ and a synthesiser. That's all. It's taken about 20 man hours. But it sounds good.

We did a huge amount of drums at the end of November with Gordy our old drummer. We're trying to put an album together around the lives of people in a town and obviously, throws top hat in the air, two of them meet up at the Car Boot Sale on a Sunday. We had a huge amount of songs written last year around the subject and we're just working our way through it, trying ideas, seeing what will work. In proper Hussys style it's very different from our last acoustic style album. Here's the stuff we've got partially recorded:

Car Boot Sale
Instruments of the Orchestra
Just about finished with love
Jenny teaches rock school
Last person alive
Daddy Day Care

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