Friday, 4 February 2011

Second band on the Moon with the Hussys

I'm really enjoying making this "The Town" album. Although at times it feels like I'm "Sam" from the film "Moon". We were all in the same room when we did the drums which seems like an eternity ago, before the snow, the ice age, the flu, the broken ankle and Fili putting funny pictures of her dog dressed as a vampire on fartbook. That was the launch pad.  Since then Jimmy the engineer has sent me the edited drums for 9 tracks on a send space(which sounds quite Space Age). I then put down guitars and synths and singings. I send them to Fili who sings along with them and tells me if they are in the right key and if not it's back to the control panel. I then send them to Joe(who's helping out on the bass) and he copies my bass parts or makes his own. Then I'll hand my drive to Jimmy who'll edit what I've done, Fili will sing and we'll do a bit more. And then Jimmy 'll send mixes and maybe Gordy will do some mixing and he'll send some. You see what I'm getting at? Half expecting two guys from Hussys Corporation to come up on my Applemac screen telling me they are sending up a spaceship in 3 days to rescue me.

This week I've been working on a song called "Stars". It's very glam rock. The main thing was just getting that Mott the Hoople/Kiss thing going. The song sounds great just with 2 guitars and the drums although I did put a bit of fairy dust here and there. Fili's supposed to sing it in a falsetto like Prince. Think it's going to be a good one.

The other track is called "Choices" a song about a guy coming back and saying he wants to be part of a family after walking out years ago. The girl in the song tells him he had his "Choices all those years ago". When the album was being written I was listening to loads of 70's soul and it's totally there in this song. I've even played a little flute/sax to give it that vibe. Although trying to get a saxophone in tune is a tricky business because you actually bend notes while youre playing and you have to move your mouth around the reed to get the note at times. The trick is to track a few at once and they bring each other into tune. I could always send it out into space to see if it's in tune.


  1. Yay, Moon is a great film. So who is your Gerty?

    Can we expect a 2011 release for this album? :D

  2. Alex, Gerty is Jimmy's and my Applemac laptop I would guess. I liked the way he was a good character instead of the usual bad robot cliche.

    The album will definitely be out this year. In the Autumn.