Thursday, 1 September 2011

Give my regards to Rutland Place

We did a little acoustic gig the other night in Edinburgh. With an acoustic gig you can just turn up and plug in and play. There's no hassle of soundcheck if you dont want one. You also play quieter and it's part of the charm. You leave more space between the acoustic and the voice.

I like the drive through to Edinburgh. It always seems to rain at Harthill. There's also some quirky stuff beside the motorway like the man made pyramids at Livingston and the huge gramophone thing in the trees just outside Edinburgh. I was enjoying it so much that I turned up a one way street into oncoming traffic which was like a scene from Cars 2.

It was Joe's first gig and bizarrely we both had Haynes T shirts on. Mine was of an MG Midget and his was one of those giant legged creatures from Star Wars. It did look like we'd had a dress code but in fact it was random. Fili was pretty funny during the gig and she wasnt that spooked out by the fact that we'd rehearsed sitting down and we had to play the gig standing up. I think I insulted a fan of the band when I said he'd been frowning all the way through the gig. Best of all was the DJ playing Wild Winds are Blowin by Slade as our intro music. Forgotten how brilliant that song was.

Here's my slightly wrong version of the set:

Library Lovers
Boden Catalogue
Pick a loveheart
Mr Rocky
Let's hope it dont cloud over
Hackensack (which Fili announced as the only song she'd really wished she'd written)
Town Centre Car Park
Poppy Day

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