Sunday, 17 April 2011

Falling off a Cliff with a good

We were down Jimmy’s doing some vocals on Thursday.  Rephrase that. Fili was singing. I was sitting on a chair listening on a pair of headphones.  I have run out of phrases in the studio to try and describe Fili’s singing. Most of the time I use the word “good” with a few variations along the lines of “really good”, “very good” and “that was good”. I did try “excellent” at one point but Jimmy and Fili took their headphones off and looked at me.  Actually she was singing brilliantly.
We were finishing off “Last Person Alive” and “Car Boot Sale” and "Daddy Day Care". It was going reaaaaaaaly good until Fili mentioned Cliff Richard. I have this instantaneous reflex to the words “Cliff Richard” where I start this silly debate about how he was great in the 50’s and 60’s and that people shouldn’t slag the old tennis playing Alex Kapranos impersonator too much. Also someone I knew who worked with him in the 80’s said he was “an old darling” and never gave him a hard time when working for him at a record company-which is unusual because very famous musicians are always described by Mooks(a record company employee) as "c**ts". Of course Fili downloaded “Saviours Day” or “Lords Prayer” or whatever it’s called and played it on youtube , while pissing herself laughing.  She’s right. All that dressing in white singing songs to cranky old  holy goalies has pretty much ruined his already squeaky clean image permanently and for 90% of the population that's what he'll be remembered for. Which is a shame because if you check out “The Next One” and “In the Country” and even “Wired for Sound” you’ll find he was very good at one time.  
Anyway we had a good laugh and the new album’s shaping up real good. It’s maybe going to be gooder than the last which itself was quite good.  

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