Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Autograph hunter

So we've set a date of 30 June to finish recording our new album. The last song we've been working on used to be called Autograph Hunter. That was until last week when Fili rewrote the words and they seemed to fit. The song has a kind of blues thing going on but it's mostly played on distorted synthesisers. Gordy laid down a good 16 second glam rock loop back in November and that's us only getting round to recording it. I was trying to think of the slapback effect to put on the drums and I said to Jimmy "you know like "Rock'N'Roll part 2" by Gary Glitter. We both looked at each other and it was strange because he's kind of become"the performer who's name you musnt mention". So I said "Y'know like Blockbuster by Sweet" and we quickly moved things on. I spent a couple of hours just making up loops of distortion to put behind the synths. A guitar with some humbucker pickups and loads of pedals and just turned all the buttons to 10.  I cant wait for Fili to get her thing going on the song and then we'll be nearly there.

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