Friday, 10 June 2011

Keyboard not plugged in

On Monday night we were back in the studio trying to get the vocals down for “Neon Triple XXX” and “Have Trenchcoat Will Travel”.  I mentioned to Fili that I was going to see Brian Wilson as I know she’s a big Beach Boys fan. But really, I’m just going to say “I’ve seen Brian Wilson”. It’s kind of like rock tourism. A few of the other rock tourism sites I’ve visited are Slade (f**king awesome), Van Morrison (from a distance in case he cuffed me round the ear), Tina Turner ( bizarrely my old band were supporting her and a guy turned to me and said “sing it every week son” during Simply the Best and I had no idea what he was on about), Randy Newman (f**king awesome) Motorhead (I couldn’t hear for 2 solid days) and that guy who was at Woodstock, whos name always eludes me. What a great gig that was.
I’ve seen Brian Wilson on the tv and he doesn’t look a well man. He has that kind of twitchy thing going on where you’re on prescribed drugs. To be honest it’s just the Wondermints with Brian Wilson standing at the front moving his arms like a thunderbird puppet. Apparently his keyboard and bass aren’t even plugged in. As Jimmy said it could have been a “trophy of Brian Wilson sitting on a plinth at the front of the stage” and everyone would have clapped.  After all the amazing music the Beach Boys made in the 60’s and 70’s you wonder why he bothers touring. Maybe someone’s bribing him. You know the answer. It’s so that plonkers like me can go into their work the next day and say “I saw Brian Wilson last night. It was AMAZING!!!”
Anyway Fili got her singing down on Neon Triple XXX but it was too late to do the other one because we’d spent most of the time joking about. That’s the way it goes. I had a keyboard set up  and was playing along up but Jimmy told me at the end of the night that it hadn’t been plugged in. Bummer.

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