Saturday, 20 August 2011

That record you never unwrapped

That record you never unwrapped
Everyone’s done it. You go into a record shop and there’s all these cheap CDs. You pick a few up and then when you get home they sit on your windowsill for a few weeks. You get some more records, the seasons change and then when you’re tidying up your room you find a bag from FOPP with the CD you bought 3 years ago and which you now cant face listening to.
I was like this with the band the XX. There was so much hype about them in the newspapers and I had no idea what they sounded like and I bought the CD. Then I saw a picture of them and thought they’re copying Glasvegas with their black biker jackets and I lost the will to even put the record into my I pod.  I tried but the phone rang and then I had to listen to something I actually liked. But for a laugh I decided to tell my friends that the new XX album had blown my mind.I’d remembered all the London journalists quotes about “mixing dubstep with Joy Division” and “redefining indie music” and it just flew out my mouth like I was working as their record plugger. I decided to just make up their music in my head. To me the XX sounded like all the best bands I’d never heard which is probably completely unlike what they sound like. At one point I was sitting watching Jools Holland and they came on. I grabbed the tv control off Jo and turned it over. “Hey I was watching that!” she said. I said “I cant watch this band they’re rubbish” even though the real reason was a bit weirder. Still haven’t heard them.
I’m going to see a band called the National this week. My mate’s got me a ticket. I bought one of their records in FOPP years ago and never opened it. Hopefully they’ll live up to my every expectation and be as good as the XX .

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