Wednesday, 30 March 2011

But that's not the point is it?

We were back at Jimmy's on Saturday doing the bass guitar overdubs. It had been the last few chords of Mr Rocky back in July last year since I'd been there on recording business. Nothing much had changed. There was still the map of the world on the wall and a borrowed White Squier Stratocaster tuned down 1 note from E sitting in the corner. Although quite sparse and hanging together with thread there's something quite sweet about the place, especially when the breeze blows in the window and the leaves are on the trees outside.

We had to start at 10 which is not really a time of the day for rock and roll but who cares. Joe, who is our new bass player turned up with a Gibson Firebird and a Rickenbacker. We set everything up, turned the speakers up and off we went. Everything was finished by 4 o clock. We decided not to redo "Choices" as the original had a good feel and was done in a quick 5 minutes in my house.

Fili turned up and the conversation moved to a youtube video by Carly Simon for a song called "Why" and Fili and Jimmy were ending themselves laughing about it. I need to watch it.

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