Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Just about finished with love

Wrote this one last Summer. I'd been for a walk in the little bit of woodland where I live. It's about nature and owls and insects and stuff like that. I think it's just trying to bottle the euphoria you sometimes get when you're out walking in the country and everything seems to be coming together in your head even if it's temporary and you get home and all your problems then weigh heavily on your shoulders again.

I knew it would totally suit Fili when I did the demo because it has a great range between soft gentle singing in the verse and full on in the chorus. The song has only 2 chords in the verse and 4 in the chorus. All the dynamics are created by little overdubs of synthesisers and delay effects. Kind of wanted it to be modern and late sixties at the same time. Kind of like Berkeley Mews by the Kinks mixed with synth pop.

We have been trying to keep the songs revolving around the people in the town and this song is about the edge of the town where you walk out into the country. It's always a metaphor in popular music for happiness and escape, the whole "countryside " thing.  Sounds great, anyway.

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