Friday, 17 June 2011

Caledonian Sun

Fili thinks we should call the album after this song. She cant believe someone hasnt used this phrase before. It's a play on California Sun, obviously. Caledonian Sun is scientifically a much rarer event which takes place for 3 days a year at the end of April each year in Glasgow. In fact it is raining as I type this.

We were trying to to write an acoustic track to put last on the album and I wrote this. I then replaced all the acoustic guitars with synths/electric guitars and got a generic drum loop from pro tools. Fed the drum loop through an echo chamber and put lots of tree bells and tambourines behind it and hey presto it sounds like the backing drums on an old Beach Boys record. Joe played a fuzz bass on the chorus and Fili did some great singing. Sounds fantastic. Actually the even weirder thing about this song is the pro tools drum loops sound uncannily like Gordy. Maybe we should ask him if he's been moonlighting doing drum loops.

So we've nearly got the album in the bag. Just needs mixed and some more recording on Caledonian Sun and Fili needs to do a bit of singing. That's 10 songs. Hopefully we'll get something up on youtube in the next week or so showing what it sounds like.

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