Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Red Mountain

On Wednesday at the studio Jimmy offered me some coffee called “Red Mountain” or alternatively “proper percolated coffee”. He apologized about the Red Mountain. I wasn’t bothered. It’s my favourite. It’s the sort of coffee you get when your car is getting a new exhaust and the guys in the garage ask you to wait. It’s cheap and nasty and very tasty. We spent most of our time complaining about the weather, which is pretty much everyone’s hobby at the moment. Nearly every shop in Glasgow, even opticians and butchers, have cheap tents for sale, usually pitched up outside the shop on a nearby roundabout. The weather here has been so grotesque that these tents seem so shabby and sad and most of them are in tatters.
We were tidying up Caledonian Sun(oh the irony!) and Trenchcoat. Caledonian Sun is basically the demo tarted up. We added a few bits of quick guitar here and there and left it as it was. Fili had done some excellent singing where she sang the song in a high and low register and that’s what you concentrate on when you hear the song. It was just a matter of making the drums and multi layered treebells and tambourines more echoey and turning up Joe’s fuzz bass.
With Trenchcoat, Joe had put down a different bassline than the demo. It sounded a bit like Rapture by Blondie and we decided to take the song on a trip in that direction. Fili’s almost rapping the words. We stripped out the synths and based the song around the bass, drum machine and Fili and the patient started to breathe a lot better. I was thinking it needed whistles or handclaps or even the sound of skipping ropes. Nearly there.

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